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Our exceptional lineup of speakers who will create an unforgettable experience at our TEDx event.

Christ P. Paul

Dr. Christ P Paul is a researcher from RRCAT who embraces every opportunity and consistently delivers excellence in his endeavors. He is a strong believer of “Never say no”. He currently serves as the esteemed Head of the Engineering Design & Manufacturing Section and leads the Additive Manufacturing Technology Lab. 

He is a pivotal figure in the Indian Laser Association and the Institution of Engineers, graduated from Liverpool Business School. Renowned for his expertise in research, strategic planning, and manufacturing, his contributions have earned him global recognition. 

Since 2020, his name is included in the annual listing of the World’s Top 2% Most Influential Scientists, prespared by the Stanford University US and published by Elsevier.

Miss. Neha Agarwal

Neha Agrawal is the brilliant mind behind “Neha Agrawal Mathematically Inclined,” a YouTube channel that has amassed a staggering 1.55 million subscribers. She holds the masters degree in Mathematics. She as a seasoned mathematics tutor, is dedicated to empower students to excel in their academic pursuits. With her dynamic teaching style and unwavering commitment to education, she demystifies complex mathematical concepts, making them accessible and engaging for learners of all levels. 

Through her comprehensive tutorials, problem-solving techniques, and exam strategies, she equips her audience with the tools they need to succeed in their academic endeavors and beyond.Despite starting from scratch, at a time when educational channels were not a trend on YouTube, her passion for teaching and dedication to her craft propelled her channel to remarkable success. Through consistent effort and a genuine desire to help students succeed, she built a thriving community of math enthusiasts seeking guidance and support in their academic journey.

Miss. Rakshita Mehta

Rakshita Mehta, an entrepreneur and culinary genius. She has turned her passion for baking into the renowned Cooks N Crafts Eggless Baking Academy in Indore. At just 28, Rakshita is a pioneer in the world of eggless baking, offering over 50 immersive courses that captivate eager learners.

Her remarkable journey is adorned with accolades, including the “Women Of Indore” Award for Food and Bakery Excellence in 2018 and the “Best Eggless Baking Classes” Award in 2019. She has been recognized as the “Culinary Expert of the Year” by Aspiring She Digital Magazine and was honored as the “Brand Ambassador” at Health Expo 2.0 Bhopal in 2019.

Her dedication and culinary excellence inspire chefs and entrepreneurs alike, making her a beacon in the industry.

RJ Viny

RJ Viny is a radio jockey and a voice-over artist. She won the India Radio Forum Award for best program in Hindi and the AIB Awards in London. 

She has also won the New York Festival Award and the UNICEF Radio for Child Award. RJ Viny has been hosting the MYFM Salaam Indore show for the past decade, bringing energy and connection to the mornings of Indoris. Through her show, she addresses city vibes and crucial issues, bridging the gap between citizens and authorities. With over 9 lakh followers on Facebook, her natural and cheerful demeanor resonates as she shares inspiring stories and engages with listeners. 

Her down-to-earth nature and peaceful demeanor cultivate a positive atmosphere among them.

Rizwan Ramzan

Rizwan Ramzan, Co-founder and CEO of Haris & Co Academy, a platform which provides free educational content for Marketing, Technology, and Design. 

He’s also the Co-founder of ConnecTree, a safe space over the internet which foster growth and helps people grow. His dynamic leadership and commitment to drive positive change and influence around his environment. As an entrepreneur, public speaker, educator, and mentor, he hosts the top-rated podcast “The Mallu Show”, inspiring listeners for self-growth and education. His content encourages lifelong learning and personal development, while his investment and mentorship focus on growth and productivity. 

Through his academy, he empowers students with learning opportunities and career placements.

Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur & Social Media Luminary from Bengaluru With a colossal following of over 1.8 million, He is the powerhouse for captivating the audience with insights on career, freelancing, and business. 

From collaborating with industry titans like Google and Amazon to co-founding MarkitUp, a thriving remote marketing agency, Ishan’s journey exemplifies entrepreneurial excellence. Dropping out of BITS Pilani Goa to pursue his passions full-time, Ishan has authored bestselling books, delivered impactful speeches, and empowered thousands through his digital presence.